Tag: Yiyar


  • Yav Yiyar

    Yav is number two in Yiyar Salvage and heads up its Wheel operations. He captains a heavily modified YT-2400 called the Nightflyer. He is well known for being an excellent advance salvage scout. He's rude, crude, and generally horrible to …

  • Otol Nal

    Is not shy about her disdain for the non-rodian ("Too Low" Talo and the Trandoshan crew) members of the Yiyar clan.

  • Lasan

    Arrogant about his scouting skills and takes offense easily to suggestions that he doesn't live up to his billing.

  • Apoto

    Keeps the Nightflyer operational and appraises complexity of retrieval and value of potential salvage operations.

  • "Too Low" Talo

    Talo is second-in-command of Yiyar Salvage's Wheel cargo bay. Rumor has it he's stared down Wookiees and won arguments with Hutts out of sheer tenacity.