Tales from the Outer Rim

A New Team is Formed
Sasha Stays Behind

After arriving on Ryloth to deliver the sample of Genosian blaster rifles, Sasha decided to stay with the Twiliks and help them rebuild some of the miner’s settlement that was lost due to Teemo’s mercenaries.

“…I thought about this for awhile. I could hardly stand it that we had to leave these people in the first place. The thought that I would return, I guess, I knew I wasn’t abandoning them after all. I will stay here with them and help them with their cause. Now that Teemo is no longer a threat to me, I must continue helping those in need. If ever you find that you need me again, you know where to find me.”

After a heart-felt goodbye, Sasha waved the rest of the crew off as they boarded the ship and proceeded to their next destination.


Drip… Drip… Dall woke up with a start. The air felt cool and damp. How long had he been sleeping? And what was that awful smell? He strained his eyes and looked around at the dimly lit room, trying to make out what it was. Oh yeah…Teemo had accused him of cheating in a game of pazaak last night, and he got tossed in HERE. “Where is here?” he thought. He heard the familiar sound of a Wookiee letting out an angry yell echoing in the distance. A loud metal door slammed shut somewhere out in the hall and to the left. A squealing grunt followed by a muffled thump and the shuffling of heavy feet on damp stone followed. A short, stout man lurched past, shoved forward by a slimy Gamorrean guard. “Is that cheering I hear in the distance?” Dall pulled at something sticky embedded in the fur on the back of his arm and flung it on the ground. “Last night was a blur.” The words rolled over in his mind as he tried to recall the events that led up to his current…predicament.

The Long Arm of the Hutt (Part 7)

Shortly after leaving the party, the encrypted holo-communicator that Ota had given the crew of the Lazy Bantha lit up. Pash flipped the device open and a transparent projection of their Bothan contact came into focus. “What news do you all have?”

The group explained the information they gathered from the various guests at the party, and Ota responded in an approving manner. He specifically congratulated them on the news about feeding proof of Teemo‘s transgressions to Jabba through the Toydarian information merchant. This meant they could bring about Teemo’s downfall without having to resort to violence….they just needed more proof. Ota then began to explain his plan for sneaking the crew back onto Tatooine and into Mos Shuuta by way of a ship called The Lucky Guess. The ship was set to take off with a delivery for Teemo’s palace just before noon on the following day. Once the team got into the palace, they were to secure the proof they needed to ruin Teemo, and/or deal with the Hutt directly with force.

The next morning the crew headed down to their ship to make the exchange for the Geonosian weapons, and headed for Hive Trellick to meet with Duke Dimmock. The meeting with Dimmock went better than expected…with all of the intel that the crew had gathered, and the respect they paid the Duke and his customs, they not only managed to convince him not to deal with Teemo, they actually got his blessing to go and exact some righteous retribution on the treacherous slug.

When Pash, Vex, Red, and Sasha made it to the platform where The Lucky Guess was berthed, they found it unguarded and prepping for take-off. They rushed up the loading ramp to see Wex and Orpa Vio staring, eyes wide with surprise and confusion, back at them. Orpa piped up, “What exactly are you all doing on our ship?”

While trying to find the words to explain their intentions, Sasha noticed Orpa’s eyes divert to something outside the ship. She spun around just in time to see the Gand they met at the party the night before. He was just closing a hand-held holo-projector and proceeded to raise his hunting rifle to aim it in their direction. Sasha cried out, “Bounty hunter! Take cover!” A shot from the slug thrower ricocheted off the wall, just missing 41-Vex. Everyone bolted to take positions behind the crates that the brother and sister had just been securing to the floor of the cargo hold. Wex slapped the controls to the cargo ramp and powered up the ship while Orpa slid into the pilot seat and shouted over her shoulder, “Hang on to something, I’m gonna punch it!”

The Lucky Guess rocketed away from the platform, the hive, and the planet. Once they left Geonosis’ gravity well, the siblings rounded on the stowaways and demanded to know what was going on. Once Pash explained the situation, they negotiated a fee for the trip to Tatooine and for their assistance in smuggling the crew into Teemo’s palace once they reached Mos Shuuta…

The Long Arm of the Hutt (Part 6)
We got what we came for, this party is over.

Pash, 41-VEX, Sasha and Red entered the cantina where Duke Piddock’s party was being held. The atmosphere was pleasant, obviously appealing to the cosmopolitan patrons that the Duke meant to impress. Of the many party goers attending, a few in particular stood out. A man and woman sitting at a table in the middle of the room, a Gand dressed in traditional garb standing off to the right, an elegant woman dressed in the latest core-world fashion speaking to the Duke near the bar, a shifty Toydarian flitting across the room, and an unassuming Sulustan seemingly engrossed in the band playing on stage.

The Duke, dressed in typical regal Geonosian formal attire that befits his station, motioned for the Roche J9 protocol droid behind the bar to bring over more drinks. The crew of the Lazy Bantha headed towards the humans at the table and introduced themselves. The pair responded in kind explaining that they were a brother and sister smuggling team looking to secure a deal for moving some cargo. They called themselves Wex and Orpa Vio, gave the group some advice on successful smuggling practices, and pointed out that the Toydarian accross the room worked for Jabba…

The crew decided to try to jump right into negotiations with Piddock and met with him in a private booth. They played their parts as gun runners well, and secured a deal for a few Geonosian blasters using the cash given to them by Nyn. The exchange would be made in the morning at the docking platform where the Lazy Bantha is berthed. But, before they ended the meeting, they asked a few questions about his previous dealings with a certain Hutt called Teemo. Piddock had nothing nice to say about his former business partner, explaining that Teemo employed a Kubaz spy in his entourage….and the subsequent disappearance of his technician drone Sivor had raised his suspicions and caused him to back out of the deal. The group shared the recordings they found, further incriminating Teemo and solidifying the Duke’s distrust in the scheming Hutt. At that, the Duke made his leave to re-join the party.

The group next made their way over to talk to the Toydarian who introduced himself as Anatta, and was not shy about the fact that he was an information broker looking for gossip to sell to Jabba back on Tatooine. He answered some questions that the crew had for him (for a price!) and became intrigued once he learned about Teemo secretly breaking into the Spice Smuggling business and heard the rumors about him building his own army of B1 battle droids. He offered to tell Jabba all about Teemo’s underhanded activities if the crew could provide him with some solid evidence. The recordings taken from Drombb’s computer back on Ryloth were a good start, but evidence of his deal with Dimmock and anything they can find to bring Teemo’s battle droid manufacturing plans to light could help in sealing the slimy slug’s doom.

Conversations were struck with Maru Jakkar—the woman at the bar, and Vrixx’tt—the expressionless Gand, but were not deemed fruitful. Their stories of being a collector of antiques and a promoter of the interests of insect species across the galaxy, respectively, did not seem all that convincing….but then, who at the party that night was completely truthful about why they were really there?

Satisfied with the information they procured, the crew bid the Duke farewell and retired from the party…

The Long Arm of the Hutt (Part 5)
Victory at New Meen and Party on Geonosis

The crew set fire to Brombb’s camp after gathering the remaining useful equipment to give to the inhabitants of New Meen. The miner’s thanked the group profusely for their help and threw them a send-off party, which lasted into the night. The next morning, they packed up their belongings, as well as some parts from the exploded speeder that may come in handy, and set off on a hike back to the Lylek cave where they crashed B’ura B’an’s speeder….the remaining prisoner in tow.

After a few hours of hiking, the crew and B’ura B’an found the speeder just as they left it and set about making the repairs. A short time later it was back up and running. As they all piled in, they realized there was not enough room in the speeder for their thug prisoner and collectively decided to set him free.

The ride back to Nabat was uneventful, and as they pulled the speeder into the bustling spaceport, they noticed it was particularly busy. Pash felt someone watching them as they hovered slowly through the throng of merchants and shoppers…as he turned, he noticed a cloaked Kubaz observing them through electrobinoculars, and then disappear into the crowd. B’ura B’an parked and secured the speeder and the group all descended back down to Nyn’s safehouse.

As they entered, Nyn rushed over to Sasha, Pash. Red and 41-VEX to embrace and thank them for all they had done to help with the miners in New Meen. She then introduced them to a Bothan called Ota.

Ota lets the group know they have a hefty price on their heads, set by none other than Teemo himself. He then goes on to explain an elaborate plot to sour an arms deal that Teemo has arranged with a Geonosian duke called Dimmock. In return for their assistance, he has assured that there is a good chance that Teemo could be taken out or stripped of his power and that the bounty reward would go to them. They must attend a party on Geonosis, being hosted by Duke Piddock, pretending to be arms dealers sent to represent Ota. At this party they are to find out why Duke Piddock cancelled a deal with Teemo, in hopes that this information could be used to convince Duke Dimmock to call off his deal with the Hutt. After they have the information, they are to report back to Ota on a secure transmitter that he provided for further instructions.

The crew of the ‘Lazy Bantha’ headed to their ship and asked around about the bounty hunter ship that was docked in the spaceport the other night. They also inquired about the Kubaz they spotted in the market, and discovered that he had come and gone in a rust-red colored ‘Dune Lizzard’ starfighter. After making pre-flight preparations and a quick scan for tracking devices, they took off and made the short hyperspace jump to Geonosis.

They arrived and landed at Gogum Hive without incident, disembarked, and headed off towards Duke Piddock’s party. The crew walked up to the cantina entrance and passed through the doors flanked by two huge Geonosian soldiers brandishing the deadliest looking, wide-bored blaster rifles they’d ever seen. Once inside, they surveyed the layout and took note of the many attendees already present…

The Long Arm of the Hutt
Part 4

After interrogating the lone survivor from the ‘speeder incident,’ the heroes learn about the rest of the settlement and what their purpose is….to harass the miners of New Meen until they abandon their mine. They decide to infiltrate the camp by cover of darkness, disable the rest of their tractors, and check things out. They find Drombb’s office, sneak in, and hack into his computer files and recorded digital communications. They are not sure what to make of the conversations Drombb had with Teemo’s Kubaz spy called Thweek…but they now know that two Geonosans, Duke Piddock and Duke Dimock are involved in some kind of deal with the slimy Hutt. They contact 41-VEX and have the conversations recorded in the droid’s memory via comm link.

They leave the camp (with a small safe that they discovered under a desk) and decide to come back during the light of day to attempt to run Drombb and his thugs off. They confront Drombb in his office and somehow convince him that they are bounty hunters/mercenaries working for Teemo…and that they have been sent to dismiss him and take over operations. Fearing for his life, he reluctantly heads out with his remaining band of thugs…leaving the settlement in the hands of Pash, Red and Sasha.

Back at the New Meen, they meet back up with 41-Vex and relay the news to B’ura B’an and his miners who are notably relieved…they offer their thanks and gratitude…promising to set up a lucrative spice smuggling partnership once the mine gets back to normal operation.

Next week we begin with the crew prepping their belongings for a hike back to their crashed speeder to see if they can repair it and begin the long return trip to Nabat.

The Long Arm of the Hutt
Part 3

The rag-tag team of galactic adventurers found themselves between a rock and a hard place (or, rather, a terrifyingly-huge beast with razor sharp spears for legs). After some brief deliberation and some hasty negotiation and calls for truce…Pash decided it would be most prudent to unload his blaster pistol into Trex’s back, distracting him long enough for the beast to impale and tear his lizard-like body asunder. After a mad dash to escape the caves and beat the remaining bounty hunters to their land speeder, the crew managed to dive into the vehicle and drive away just in time to avoid being next on the Lylek’s menu.

The remainder of the trip to New Meen was relatively uneventful. They rolled into the ram-shackle settlement that evening to meet the troubled inhabitants and see what it was they could do to help. After discussing the miner’s plight and trying to decide just what to do about the unsolicited abuse they were receiving from the neighboring settlement, the party heard an engine-revving sound and a loud crash down the street.

Three inebriated humans and an angry Aqualish stumbled out of an earth-moving tractor that was now stuck in the side of a half-collapsed dwelling. They shouted at the bystanders and demanded they be allowed to ‘borrow’ their speeder to return to their settlement—about a mile away. Thinking quickly, Red feinted ‘fixing the parking brake’ and planted a grenade on a delayed fuse just before the ruffians mounted the speeder.

A few minutes later, as the speeder disappeared over the hill, the sound of a loud explosion could be heard…followed by a small fiery mushroom cloud that rose quickly above the horizon. The group of heroes made a mad dash up and over the hill just in time to see the two survivors trying to make a last stand. Pash and Red offered quarter, which the ruffians refused…and after a short exchange of blaster fire, the threat was no more.

The Long Arm of the Hutt
Part 2

Pash, Sasha, 41-VEX, and ‘Red’ landed on Ryloth in the Nabat spaceport without further incident. After removing the hyperspace beacon from the hull of their ship and sending one of their security droids off into the sunset with it, B’ura B’an led them into the subterranean marketplace towards his Twi’lek safehouse. Once inside, the team met with Nyn and negotiated a deal for the repair, refueling, and safe harbor of their freighter. In exchange, the crew agreed to escort B’ura B’an to a remote rylll spice mine called ‘New Meen’ and help deal with some local trouble. Sometime during the night, an astromech droid stopped by the safehouse to warn them of a new ship that arrived, and to be on their guard.

On their journey to New Meen, the group was ambushed by several bounty hunters including a Gand and the Trandoshan that they soon recognized as Trex from Mos Shuuta! After a brief firefight, the bounty hunters retreated into a cave entrance to take up a better defensive position. Just as the two groups started exchanging blaster fire, a huge Lylek emerged from the darkness and savagely impaled one of the bounty hunters!

With the bounty hunters’ attention directed towards the new threat, what will the heroes decide to do next?

The Long Arm of the Hutt
Part 1

After unexpectedly dropping out of hyperspace at the edge of the Tatooine system, the crew of the Krayt Fang took the time to get acquainted with their ‘new’ starship. They investigated a myriad of alarms and alerts, dealt with a horrible-mysterious odor, and freed two captives in one of the cargo holds. One of Trex’s former prisoners was a human bounty hunter who called himself Red, the other was an aged Twi’lek called B’ura B’an. Realizing they had only enough fuel to make the short jump to Ryloth, they made the decision to help their newly liberated Twi’lek companion with a troubled Ryll Spice mining operation near the city of Nabat…

The Long Arm of the Hutt

We last left our crew rocketing through hyperspace, having just narrowly escaped from Teemo the Hutt on Mos Shuuta and two squadrons of Imperial Tie Fighters…

Multiple alerts and alarms are flashing and buzzing in the cockpit of their newly claimed freighter, the Krayt Fang…and a horrible smell is coming from some unknown location on the ship…


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