Tales from the Outer Rim

The Long Arm of the Hutt (Part 5)

Victory at New Meen and Party on Geonosis

The crew set fire to Brombb’s camp after gathering the remaining useful equipment to give to the inhabitants of New Meen. The miner’s thanked the group profusely for their help and threw them a send-off party, which lasted into the night. The next morning, they packed up their belongings, as well as some parts from the exploded speeder that may come in handy, and set off on a hike back to the Lylek cave where they crashed B’ura B’an’s speeder….the remaining prisoner in tow.

After a few hours of hiking, the crew and B’ura B’an found the speeder just as they left it and set about making the repairs. A short time later it was back up and running. As they all piled in, they realized there was not enough room in the speeder for their thug prisoner and collectively decided to set him free.

The ride back to Nabat was uneventful, and as they pulled the speeder into the bustling spaceport, they noticed it was particularly busy. Pash felt someone watching them as they hovered slowly through the throng of merchants and shoppers…as he turned, he noticed a cloaked Kubaz observing them through electrobinoculars, and then disappear into the crowd. B’ura B’an parked and secured the speeder and the group all descended back down to Nyn’s safehouse.

As they entered, Nyn rushed over to Sasha, Pash. Red and 41-VEX to embrace and thank them for all they had done to help with the miners in New Meen. She then introduced them to a Bothan called Ota.

Ota lets the group know they have a hefty price on their heads, set by none other than Teemo himself. He then goes on to explain an elaborate plot to sour an arms deal that Teemo has arranged with a Geonosian duke called Dimmock. In return for their assistance, he has assured that there is a good chance that Teemo could be taken out or stripped of his power and that the bounty reward would go to them. They must attend a party on Geonosis, being hosted by Duke Piddock, pretending to be arms dealers sent to represent Ota. At this party they are to find out why Duke Piddock cancelled a deal with Teemo, in hopes that this information could be used to convince Duke Dimmock to call off his deal with the Hutt. After they have the information, they are to report back to Ota on a secure transmitter that he provided for further instructions.

The crew of the ‘Lazy Bantha’ headed to their ship and asked around about the bounty hunter ship that was docked in the spaceport the other night. They also inquired about the Kubaz they spotted in the market, and discovered that he had come and gone in a rust-red colored ‘Dune Lizzard’ starfighter. After making pre-flight preparations and a quick scan for tracking devices, they took off and made the short hyperspace jump to Geonosis.

They arrived and landed at Gogum Hive without incident, disembarked, and headed off towards Duke Piddock’s party. The crew walked up to the cantina entrance and passed through the doors flanked by two huge Geonosian soldiers brandishing the deadliest looking, wide-bored blaster rifles they’d ever seen. Once inside, they surveyed the layout and took note of the many attendees already present…


Fango Fango

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