Tales from the Outer Rim

The Long Arm of the Hutt

Part 4

After interrogating the lone survivor from the ‘speeder incident,’ the heroes learn about the rest of the settlement and what their purpose is….to harass the miners of New Meen until they abandon their mine. They decide to infiltrate the camp by cover of darkness, disable the rest of their tractors, and check things out. They find Drombb’s office, sneak in, and hack into his computer files and recorded digital communications. They are not sure what to make of the conversations Drombb had with Teemo’s Kubaz spy called Thweek…but they now know that two Geonosans, Duke Piddock and Duke Dimock are involved in some kind of deal with the slimy Hutt. They contact 41-VEX and have the conversations recorded in the droid’s memory via comm link.

They leave the camp (with a small safe that they discovered under a desk) and decide to come back during the light of day to attempt to run Drombb and his thugs off. They confront Drombb in his office and somehow convince him that they are bounty hunters/mercenaries working for Teemo…and that they have been sent to dismiss him and take over operations. Fearing for his life, he reluctantly heads out with his remaining band of thugs…leaving the settlement in the hands of Pash, Red and Sasha.

Back at the New Meen, they meet back up with 41-Vex and relay the news to B’ura B’an and his miners who are notably relieved…they offer their thanks and gratitude…promising to set up a lucrative spice smuggling partnership once the mine gets back to normal operation.

Next week we begin with the crew prepping their belongings for a hike back to their crashed speeder to see if they can repair it and begin the long return trip to Nabat.


Fango Fango

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