Tales from the Outer Rim

A New Team is Formed

Sasha Stays Behind

After arriving on Ryloth to deliver the sample of Genosian blaster rifles, Sasha decided to stay with the Twiliks and help them rebuild some of the miner’s settlement that was lost due to Teemo’s mercenaries.

“…I thought about this for awhile. I could hardly stand it that we had to leave these people in the first place. The thought that I would return, I guess, I knew I wasn’t abandoning them after all. I will stay here with them and help them with their cause. Now that Teemo is no longer a threat to me, I must continue helping those in need. If ever you find that you need me again, you know where to find me.”

After a heart-felt goodbye, Sasha waved the rest of the crew off as they boarded the ship and proceeded to their next destination.


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