Twi'lek Male - President ISOTECH - Head of Outer Rim Operations


Reom is a blue-skinned Twi’lek male who uses his supremely average, nondescript appearance to blend in perfectly with almost any starport crowd. He camouflages himself with dark grey cloaks and jumpsuits which are common in most of the stations and cultures he visits.


Reom is president of lsoTech. He is a talented smuggler, crafty entrepreneur, and superb negotiator. He has contacts throughout the galaxy, including powerful figures in the underworld. Reom handles lsoTech’s Outer Rim operations, particularly new acquisitions and allies.

"Good of you to show up. Please. take a seat. Have you ever heard of the Sa Nalaor? It’s a ship of legend out here. especially among smugglers, salvagers, and treasure seekers. Some say it’s a Separatist treasury ship filled with cash or precious metals or secret technology, but it disappeared while fleeing Imperial pursuit to the edge of the Outer Rim at the end of the Clone Wars. Treasure hunters chase rumors occasionally, but no one has found it. Some never return.
As it happens, one of the Sa Nalaor’s hyperspace message pods was recently found long dead near the Wheel and delivered to me. I’ll understand if you think this is some kind of con game, but I want you to find the ship for me. Here’s the deal…. This pod appears to have the last known location of the Sa Nalaor and limited information as to its condition. The ship is at the outer fringe of the Outer Rim. At a minimum, I want you to find the ship, assess its condition, and bring back all the information you can to our secret salvaging base on Raxus Prime. However, I also believe there’s some special technology aboard that would really boost Iso Tech. If you find that and bring as much as you can back with you, I’ll double your reward. Maybe triple it if it’s really good. You’re to take IT-3PO with you, he’ II arrive shortly. I’ll pay 10,000 credits and you’ll be doing our mutual friend Nyn a favor.

If you skip out on me…and there was something to find, I’ve got the connections to make your life very difficult out here…plus you’ll be betraying the trust and friendship of Nyn.

Remember to purchase equipment and supplies for yourself and possible survivors before you leave. The Wheel has plenty of shops, so you should find most everything you need. I’d also recommend asking around for more information, but be careful who you ask and how loudly. You never know who’s listening…"


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