Tales from the Outer Rim

The Long Arm of the Hutt (Part 7)

Shortly after leaving the party, the encrypted holo-communicator that Ota had given the crew of the Lazy Bantha lit up. Pash flipped the device open and a transparent projection of their Bothan contact came into focus. “What news do you all have?”

The group explained the information they gathered from the various guests at the party, and Ota responded in an approving manner. He specifically congratulated them on the news about feeding proof of Teemo‘s transgressions to Jabba through the Toydarian information merchant. This meant they could bring about Teemo’s downfall without having to resort to violence….they just needed more proof. Ota then began to explain his plan for sneaking the crew back onto Tatooine and into Mos Shuuta by way of a ship called The Lucky Guess. The ship was set to take off with a delivery for Teemo’s palace just before noon on the following day. Once the team got into the palace, they were to secure the proof they needed to ruin Teemo, and/or deal with the Hutt directly with force.

The next morning the crew headed down to their ship to make the exchange for the Geonosian weapons, and headed for Hive Trellick to meet with Duke Dimmock. The meeting with Dimmock went better than expected…with all of the intel that the crew had gathered, and the respect they paid the Duke and his customs, they not only managed to convince him not to deal with Teemo, they actually got his blessing to go and exact some righteous retribution on the treacherous slug.

When Pash, Vex, Red, and Sasha made it to the platform where The Lucky Guess was berthed, they found it unguarded and prepping for take-off. They rushed up the loading ramp to see Wex and Orpa Vio staring, eyes wide with surprise and confusion, back at them. Orpa piped up, “What exactly are you all doing on our ship?”

While trying to find the words to explain their intentions, Sasha noticed Orpa’s eyes divert to something outside the ship. She spun around just in time to see the Gand they met at the party the night before. He was just closing a hand-held holo-projector and proceeded to raise his hunting rifle to aim it in their direction. Sasha cried out, “Bounty hunter! Take cover!” A shot from the slug thrower ricocheted off the wall, just missing 41-Vex. Everyone bolted to take positions behind the crates that the brother and sister had just been securing to the floor of the cargo hold. Wex slapped the controls to the cargo ramp and powered up the ship while Orpa slid into the pilot seat and shouted over her shoulder, “Hang on to something, I’m gonna punch it!”

The Lucky Guess rocketed away from the platform, the hive, and the planet. Once they left Geonosis’ gravity well, the siblings rounded on the stowaways and demanded to know what was going on. Once Pash explained the situation, they negotiated a fee for the trip to Tatooine and for their assistance in smuggling the crew into Teemo’s palace once they reached Mos Shuuta…


Fango Fango

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