Tales from the Outer Rim

The Long Arm of the Hutt (Part 6)

We got what we came for, this party is over.

Pash, 41-VEX, Sasha and Red entered the cantina where Duke Piddock’s party was being held. The atmosphere was pleasant, obviously appealing to the cosmopolitan patrons that the Duke meant to impress. Of the many party goers attending, a few in particular stood out. A man and woman sitting at a table in the middle of the room, a Gand dressed in traditional garb standing off to the right, an elegant woman dressed in the latest core-world fashion speaking to the Duke near the bar, a shifty Toydarian flitting across the room, and an unassuming Sulustan seemingly engrossed in the band playing on stage.

The Duke, dressed in typical regal Geonosian formal attire that befits his station, motioned for the Roche J9 protocol droid behind the bar to bring over more drinks. The crew of the Lazy Bantha headed towards the humans at the table and introduced themselves. The pair responded in kind explaining that they were a brother and sister smuggling team looking to secure a deal for moving some cargo. They called themselves Wex and Orpa Vio, gave the group some advice on successful smuggling practices, and pointed out that the Toydarian accross the room worked for Jabba…

The crew decided to try to jump right into negotiations with Piddock and met with him in a private booth. They played their parts as gun runners well, and secured a deal for a few Geonosian blasters using the cash given to them by Nyn. The exchange would be made in the morning at the docking platform where the Lazy Bantha is berthed. But, before they ended the meeting, they asked a few questions about his previous dealings with a certain Hutt called Teemo. Piddock had nothing nice to say about his former business partner, explaining that Teemo employed a Kubaz spy in his entourage….and the subsequent disappearance of his technician drone Sivor had raised his suspicions and caused him to back out of the deal. The group shared the recordings they found, further incriminating Teemo and solidifying the Duke’s distrust in the scheming Hutt. At that, the Duke made his leave to re-join the party.

The group next made their way over to talk to the Toydarian who introduced himself as Anatta, and was not shy about the fact that he was an information broker looking for gossip to sell to Jabba back on Tatooine. He answered some questions that the crew had for him (for a price!) and became intrigued once he learned about Teemo secretly breaking into the Spice Smuggling business and heard the rumors about him building his own army of B1 battle droids. He offered to tell Jabba all about Teemo’s underhanded activities if the crew could provide him with some solid evidence. The recordings taken from Drombb’s computer back on Ryloth were a good start, but evidence of his deal with Dimmock and anything they can find to bring Teemo’s battle droid manufacturing plans to light could help in sealing the slimy slug’s doom.

Conversations were struck with Maru Jakkar—the woman at the bar, and Vrixx’tt—the expressionless Gand, but were not deemed fruitful. Their stories of being a collector of antiques and a promoter of the interests of insect species across the galaxy, respectively, did not seem all that convincing….but then, who at the party that night was completely truthful about why they were really there?

Satisfied with the information they procured, the crew bid the Duke farewell and retired from the party…


Fango Fango

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