Tales from the Outer Rim

The Long Arm of the Hutt

Part 3

The rag-tag team of galactic adventurers found themselves between a rock and a hard place (or, rather, a terrifyingly-huge beast with razor sharp spears for legs). After some brief deliberation and some hasty negotiation and calls for truce…Pash decided it would be most prudent to unload his blaster pistol into Trex’s back, distracting him long enough for the beast to impale and tear his lizard-like body asunder. After a mad dash to escape the caves and beat the remaining bounty hunters to their land speeder, the crew managed to dive into the vehicle and drive away just in time to avoid being next on the Lylek’s menu.

The remainder of the trip to New Meen was relatively uneventful. They rolled into the ram-shackle settlement that evening to meet the troubled inhabitants and see what it was they could do to help. After discussing the miner’s plight and trying to decide just what to do about the unsolicited abuse they were receiving from the neighboring settlement, the party heard an engine-revving sound and a loud crash down the street.

Three inebriated humans and an angry Aqualish stumbled out of an earth-moving tractor that was now stuck in the side of a half-collapsed dwelling. They shouted at the bystanders and demanded they be allowed to ‘borrow’ their speeder to return to their settlement—about a mile away. Thinking quickly, Red feinted ‘fixing the parking brake’ and planted a grenade on a delayed fuse just before the ruffians mounted the speeder.

A few minutes later, as the speeder disappeared over the hill, the sound of a loud explosion could be heard…followed by a small fiery mushroom cloud that rose quickly above the horizon. The group of heroes made a mad dash up and over the hill just in time to see the two survivors trying to make a last stand. Pash and Red offered quarter, which the ruffians refused…and after a short exchange of blaster fire, the threat was no more.


Fango Fango

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