Tales from the Outer Rim

The Long Arm of the Hutt

Part 2

Pash, Sasha, 41-VEX, and ‘Red’ landed on Ryloth in the Nabat spaceport without further incident. After removing the hyperspace beacon from the hull of their ship and sending one of their security droids off into the sunset with it, B’ura B’an led them into the subterranean marketplace towards his Twi’lek safehouse. Once inside, the team met with Nyn and negotiated a deal for the repair, refueling, and safe harbor of their freighter. In exchange, the crew agreed to escort B’ura B’an to a remote rylll spice mine called ‘New Meen’ and help deal with some local trouble. Sometime during the night, an astromech droid stopped by the safehouse to warn them of a new ship that arrived, and to be on their guard.

On their journey to New Meen, the group was ambushed by several bounty hunters including a Gand and the Trandoshan that they soon recognized as Trex from Mos Shuuta! After a brief firefight, the bounty hunters retreated into a cave entrance to take up a better defensive position. Just as the two groups started exchanging blaster fire, a huge Lylek emerged from the darkness and savagely impaled one of the bounty hunters!

With the bounty hunters’ attention directed towards the new threat, what will the heroes decide to do next?


Fango Fango

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