Tales from the Outer Rim


Drip… Drip… Dall woke up with a start. The air felt cool and damp. How long had he been sleeping? And what was that awful smell? He strained his eyes and looked around at the dimly lit room, trying to make out what it was. Oh yeah…Teemo had accused him of cheating in a game of pazaak last night, and he got tossed in HERE. “Where is here?” he thought. He heard the familiar sound of a Wookiee letting out an angry yell echoing in the distance. A loud metal door slammed shut somewhere out in the hall and to the left. A squealing grunt followed by a muffled thump and the shuffling of heavy feet on damp stone followed. A short, stout man lurched past, shoved forward by a slimy Gamorrean guard. “Is that cheering I hear in the distance?” Dall pulled at something sticky embedded in the fur on the back of his arm and flung it on the ground. “Last night was a blur.” The words rolled over in his mind as he tried to recall the events that led up to his current…predicament.


Fango Fango

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